MS MapleStory MapleStory South Korea

MapleStory South Korea was released in May 2002 and has nineteen worlds and one Beta Tester world. It was also the first to be created. As such, it has the most features as of yet; other versions are at different stages of development and most are not as advanced in content as this version. This, however, has created the problem of some players in the Global and other versions wanting to play in this version. These players are often referred to as "Immigrants" by a majority of the Korean version players. For this reason, A South Korean social security number is needed to create an account. "Passports" for NEXON Korea Co., Ltd. are also given upon sign-up.

Nickname: KoreaMS or kMS
Language: Korean
Countries: South Korea
Worlds: Official Worlds: Stius, Bellocan, Demethus, Yellonde, Kastia, Elnido, Windia, Scania, Bera, Broa, Khaini, Zenith, Croa, Mardia, Plana, Arkenia, Judis, and Khadia
Beta Worlds: Tespia