MS MapleStory MapleStory South East Asia

MapleStory South East Asia was released on June 23, 2005 and has three worlds that are named after constellations. In MapleStory SEA, "passports" are given upon sign-up and can be obtained from AsiaSoft Online Pte, Ltd. Each passport is entitled to three MapleStory accounts, hence, users of these servers can have up to nine characters in each world in MapleStory SEA.

Nickname: MapleSEA or MSEA
Language: English
Countries: Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand
Worlds: Cassiopeia, Boötes, and Aquila
• People living in Thailand can play both MapleStory SEA and MapleStory Thailand.
• The Korean, Thai, and Global versions share the same world names, but they are totally different worlds, and have no connections with each other