MS MapleStory MapleStory China

MapleStory China was released in December 2004 and has thirty worlds. Just like the Korean version, a People's Republic of China social security number is needed to sign-up. This version is hosted by Shanda Corp. Ltd. and is commonly referred to as “cMS”. Due to the prevailing Chinese Civil War and the conflict over Chinese reunification, citizens of the Republic of China (Taiwan) cannot use this version and instead play their own version.

Nickname: ChinaMS or cMS
Language: Simplified Chinese
Countries: China
Worlds: Gateway 1: Pepe, Yeti, Curse Eye, Wild Cargo, Hector, Small White Rabbit, Copper Drake, Fire Boar, Ligator, Orange Mushroom, Blue Snail, Shroom, Slime, Pig, Jr. Necki, Lorang, Tortie, Octopus, Lupin, and Star Pixie
Gateway 2: Emerald, Black Crystal, Diamond, Topaz, Sapphire, Amethyst, Aquamarine, and Opal
Gateway 3: Rina, and Alex.