MS MapleStory Quests

Quests are different tasks that players need to perform for NPCs (Non-player characters) in exchange for earning experience points and gaining possible rewards. There are over a hundred possible quests in MapleStory. To do a quest, you first need to find an NPC that that will provide you with one. The requirements for a quest can vary, but it usually involves level, fame, job, and/or items.

Some quests can be done only once, in other words, once completed that quest is over. Others, however, are repeatable. They can be done again even after completing it the first time.

Kinds of Quests
“Accompaniments” are a special kind of quest where a group or a party of players band together to undertake several challenges. These are sometimes referred to as "Party Quests". Each party quest has its own level limits which all characters in the party must belong to in order to enter the party quest.
Kerning City is where you will find the first party quest. A party of four players, ranging from levels 21 to 30 should advance through five stages in less than thirty minutes by solving puzzles and killing monsters. Upon completion, a prize is given to each participant. Prizes can be ores, equipment, scrolls and potions. Only one group can be inside the party quest at any one time on one channel.
The second party quest is located in Ludibrium. A party of six players, ranging from levels 35 to 50, should advance through nine stages in under one hour by solving puzzles and killing monsters. To aid in passing the stages in the quest, the players’ specific skills such as Haste, Heal, Dark Sight and Teleport are needed. Prizes include potions, ores, equipment, scrolls and summoning bags.
The Zakum Party Quest (currently not available in SEA version) is for characters belonging to level fifty and above. Multiple parties can enter and complete this quest simultaneously. There will be three stages that need to be completed before battling the boss monster, Zakum. More experience is gained from this party quest compared to the others.

A “Jump Quest” is a unique type of quest wherein a character starts at one part of a map and employs timed jumps to get from one specific platform to another. The player should avoid enemies and obstacles that can knock him off of the platform. A jump quest, basically, requires accurate timing and steady endurance to successfully complete it. John in Lith Harbor and Shumi in Kerning City both give three jump quests of increasing difficulty, while Sabitrama of Sleepywood gives two quests.

Quest Details:

Loc: The Location where you find and start your quest
NPC: The Non-Player Character in charge of the quest
Guide: Walk-through Guide of the quest
Item/s: Items you need to complete the quest
Reward/s: Rewards you earn after completing the quest