MS MapleStory Cash Shop

(IMAGE: SCREENSHOTS>"CASH SHOP") Since playing MapleStory is free, Wizet decided to introduce a Cash Shop to generate revenue. This Cash Shop is a virtual shop or store where players can buy items using real-life money. Unfortunately though, most of the items available for sale do not give bonuses to the player’s character. The items sold in the Cash Shop include clothes, haircut coupons, pets and many others.

Cash shop items are mainly for looks or aesthetics, and can only be purchased from the Cash Shop itself. Aside from fancy equipment that the players’ characters can wear, there are also items that can give the players special abilities. One is the capability to regain the experience points lost from dying. Another is giving players a 2x EXP gain bonus, but is only available in some versions of the game. In MapleSEA, Gachapon tickets can be purchased from the Cash Shop. When used at designated Gachapon machines located around the Maple world, players can receive random items. Critics, however, point out that The Cash Shop feature of the game is likened to purchasing in-game items with cash, which they say unbalances the game.

Pets can be trained to pick up items and mesos for their masters which would facilitate the player’s accumulation of stats. This will help a lot in their advancement in the game. However, to do this the player must buy an extra item. A meso magnet must be attached to their pet if they want it to pick up mesos for them.

A word of caution, though. All cash items bought from the Cash Shop will disappear after 90 days. With exceptions applicable only to inventory/storage expansions, effects of hair/surgery/tanning coupons, and pets, which revert into their "doll" forms and have to be “revived” with a Cash Shop item "Water of Life" to be usable again.

Players who cannot afford these items due to real life monetary constraints may trade the in-game currency, mesos, for the Cash Shop items. Scamming is likely to happen in such cases that is why trading of in-game items for Cash Shop items is prohibited and considered as a bannable offense, even if the trade goes through successfully with no stealing involved.

Cash items are available for sale in the Cash Shop and there are only two currencies that the Cash Shop will accept. One is Nexon Cash, normally shortened to NX Cash, and the other is the MapleStory Points. NX Cash is purchased outside of MapleStory through the MapleStory web site, while MapleStory Points are earned through special events. PayPal is the only accepted method of payment in MapleStory Global. Wizet, however, has indicated that arrangements for credit card transactions are already in the works. eChecks are currently not being accepted.

For users of MapleSEA's, apart from credit card payment through PayPal, it has also released Prepaid cards that are sold at a fixed price of S$10.50, inclusive of tax, (approximately US$6.30) per 10,000 A-Cash.