MS MapleStory Magician

Location: Victoria Island: Ellinia
Origin: Magic Library
Requirements: Level 8, Intelligence 20
Pros: Has very high MP -- the best in all the 4 classes
Has very good monster control and hitting strength
Can change classes before everyone else
Cons: Has low HP
Needs a lot of heal and mana potions
Is quick to run out of MP
There are a lot of them everywhere

The class of a “Magician” may not be as strong or enduring as the “Warrior” but they can wield tremendous magic at a snap of a finger. They have a penchant for immersing themselves in ancient studies which affords them a very high intelligence. Their main weapons are their staff and magic.

The job order for a magician also follows a three-pronged direction. As you rise to your 2nd job advancement, you can become a “Wizard-Fire/Poison”, “Wizard-Ice/Lightning” or a “Cleric”. For the 3rd job advancement, your rank can be “Mage-Fire/Poison”, “Mage-Ice/Lightning” or a “Priest”. And for the 4th job advancement: “Arch Mage-Fire/Poison”, “Arch Mage-Ice/Lightning” or a “Bishop”.