MS MapleStory Characters



In MapleStory, you start out as a Beginner. As such, you will not enjoy owning any special skill yet, but you are capable of learning and mastering basic skills such as walking, attacking, jumping, sitting and picking up items. However, upon reaching level 8 or 10, (depending on the particular class) you are then allowed to choose a class. This is called a job advancement. You can either be a “Warrior”, “Magician”, “Bowman” or a “Thief”.

The locations and requirements needed for a job advancement in each class will vary. A player can make a maximum of four (4) job advancements in the game. Each job advancement will come with a Skill Book, which will list out a variety of skills that are essential in your journey. In some cases, however, you will have to complete a quest or fit a certain requirement before advancing to the next job.

Below is a guide that can help you in attaining class advancement in the game:


{Location} Victoria Island: Perion (IMAGE: CHARACTERS>"WARRIOR")
{Origin} Shrine of Warriors
{Requirements} Level 10, Strength 35
{Pros} Has a very high HP, the best in all the 4 classes
Has good hitting Strength
Employs good defense
Has good skills
{Cons} Has low MP
Needs a lot of heal potions

The class of a “Warrior” exhibits an overwhelming amount of potent attacks and an enduring stamina. The level of their strength is surely something not to laugh at and is very evident when they fight mano a mano. Warriors usually use weapons such as swords, axes, blunt weapons, spears and pole arms. Some warriors, especially Black Knights, even employ magic in their attacks.

The job order for a warrior will reveal a three-way route. As is always the case, various requirements are needed in order to be elevated as a “Fighter”, “Page” or a “Spearman for the player’s 2nd job advancement. For the 3rd job placement, a player can become a “Crusader, “Knight” or a “Dragon Knight”. And for the 4th job advancement, a player can become a “Hero”, “Paladin” or a “Dark Knight”.


{Location} Victoria Island: Ellinia (IMAGE: CHARACTERS>"MAGICIAN")
{Origin} Magic Library
{Requirements} Level 8, Intelligence 20
{Pros} Has very high MP -- the best in all the 4 classes
Has very good monster control and hitting strength
Can change classes before everyone else
{Cons} Has low HP
Needs a lot of heal and mana potions
Is quick to run out of MP
There are a lot of them everywhere

The class of a “Magician” may not be as strong or enduring as the “Warrior” but they can wield tremendous magic at a snap of a finger. They have a penchant for immersing themselves in ancient studies which affords them a very high intelligence. Their main weapons are their staff and magic.

The job order for a magician also follows a three-pronged direction. As you rise to your 2nd job advancement, you can become a “Wizard-Fire/Poison”, “Wizard-Ice/Lightning” or a “Cleric”. For the 3rd job advancement, your rank can be “Mage-Fire/Poison”, “Mage-Ice/Lightning” or a “Priest”. And for the 4th job advancement: “Arch Mage-Fire/Poison”, “Arch Mage-Ice/Lightning” or a “Bishop”.


{Location} Victoria Island: Henesys (IMAGE: CHARACTERS>"ARCHER")
{Origin} Bowman Instructional School
{Requirements} Level 10, Dexterity 25
{Pros} Can kill at long range
Even HP and MP
Has nice Skills
{Cons} Needs to buy lots of arrows to get levels
Has no shield

The class of a “Bowman” is a specialist at long-range attacks. He also enjoys some degree of dexterity and power. His agility comes in handy when evading enemies. His weapons are mainly bows and crossbows, but he is also adept at using a light sword, any blunt weapon or an axe. For protection, a bowman makes use of a light armor so as not to diminish his dexterity.

The job order for a bowman has a two-way direction. For the 2nd job advancement, a bowman can eventually become either a “Hunter or a “Crossbow Man”. As he becomes more skillful, he can be elevated to his 3rd job advancement as either a “Ranger” or a “Sniper”. For his 4th job advancement, the possible ranks that await him are “Bow Master” and a “Crossbow Master”.


{Location} Victoria Island: Kerning City (IMAGE: CHARACTERS>"THIEF")
{Origin} Thieves’ Hideaway
{Requirements} Level 10, Dexterity 25
{Pros} Has the ability to snipe if they use Ninja Stars
Can hide in the darkness to evade enemies
Has Ninja-like skills
{Cons} Only capable of “girlie” hits
Has low HP

A “Thief” enjoys a decent amount of dexterity and power, and considered to be very “Lucky”. He is very good at hiding and in sneak attacks, which he is able to put to good use in battles. His primary weapons are daggers and claws. His other special skills are stealing and the ability to move surreptitiously.

The job order for a thief has also a two-way direction. A player can either become an “Assassin” or a “Bandit” in his 2nd job advancement. He can rise to become a “Hermit” or a “Chief Bandit” during his 3rd job advancement. As for his 4th job advancement, he can become either a “Night Road” or a “Shadower”.